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Guidance Note 8 (GN8) Explained

New Pre-requisite training for experienced 
ACS operatives as published in 
Guidance Note 8 (GN8) Version 6 August 2018.

Major changes have been announced in relation to 
the ACS routes of entry and changeover requirements.

The changes are effective as of the 1st October 2018 and are to guided learning hours for existing Gas Safe Registered operatives who wish to extend their range of qualifications (experienced Candidates must have been registered with Gas Safe for at least 6 months and provide evidence of registration).

With the introduction of IGE/IG1, Note 8 (GN8) for ACS has been reviewed and amended. GN 8 now requires all new entrants to the gas industry to undertake appropriate training and on-site experience. The revision to GN8 also includes new pre-requisite training requirements for experienced operatives intending to extend their scope or range of certification.

GN8 has been approved by the Strategic Management Board (SMB) and becomes effective from 1st October 2018. Approved Centres should ensure all staff are familiar with and understand the new requirements to ensure ACS candidates undertake appropriate training where required.

This Guidance Note (GN8) details the entry routes to ACS Assessment and the requirements for extending scope or range of work. GN8 (Table 2) is not intended to prevent or restrict movement but to ensure consistency and provide practical guidance to assist compliance with GSIUR – Regulation 3 Qualification and Supervision by ensuring gas engineers do not undertake gas work on appliances or systems for which they have insufficient training and experience.


New Entrant: A person wishing to achieve a recognised industry qualification to undertake gas work and gain Gas Safe Registration in that work category, this includes persons holding qualifications recognised as Category 2

Extend Scope: Moving from one sector to another e.g. Domestic to Commercial (CODNCO1).

Extend Range: Remaining within the sector but adding additional appliances e.g. holding CCN1 & CENWAT adding HTR1

MLP: Managed Learning Programme (MLP) approved by the Authoriser of Training (IGEM) in accordance with the requirements of IGEM/IG/1.

MLP – RPL: Recognisers of Training are required to use derivatives of their approved MLP’s to develop changeover MLP’s, taking into consideration any Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Further information regarding these changes including necessary documents can be viewed on UK Certification website under the Candidates section.

Technical interview:

You may be invited by the assessment centre to undertake a technical interview prior to any training and assessments.

The technical interview will determine your entry level and your training requirements on the basis of the information provided on your completed Routes of Entry Form, the results of any completed technical workbooks (prior attendance assessment) and any other evidence you may have to support your application.

You may be required to complete the necessary prior learning training literature supplied by the assessment centre to undertake your desired assessment.